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Tuesday 7 May 2019 | May 07, 2019 WIB | 0 Views Last Updated 2019-05-07T08:05:49Z
 By: Athari Farhani                 

The Author is a General Chief of the Indonesian Law Student Association of Tangerang and Interested in Constitutional Law and Maritime Law

Indonesia, as an archipelago along the equator, is a very strategic position that crosses between two great oceans, namely the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, and between two continents, namely the continent of Asia and the continent of Australia. Besides that, the Indonesian people have very diverse natural resources, both on land and at sea. Then the geographical location and shape of Indonesia and its abundant natural wealth have made Indonesia's position very unique in the international world, especially in the field of marine law. Especially with the presence of the djuanda declaration which is theforerunner of Indonesia as a national state, it has implications for the increasing breadth of Indonesia's sovereignty, especially over territorial waters. Indonesian waters which used to be part of the high seas have now become Indonesian territorial waters.

As the largest archipelagic country in the world, Indonesia has around 17,500 islands, and a coastline of 81,290 km, which is put together by the sea covering an area of 5.8 million km2 with a land area of 1,860,359.6 km2. Indonesia's strategic geopolitical position provides opportunities for Indonesia as an economic path. And geopolitical potential can be used by Indonesia as an Indonesian power in the political economy between nations. Sir Walter Raleigh and Alfred Thayer Mahan put forward the importance of seizing the sea where "whoever controls the ocean will master the world trade route, which means mastering the power of the world so that it can finally dominate the world". it has important meaning given the fact in the field of 90% of world trade by sea. In this perspective, it is not surprising if Indonesia becomes the world's trade traffic. Coupled with abundant natural wealth, causing countries all over the world to be focused on Indonesia for various purposes. From trading to exploiting natural resources in Indonesia.

Indonesia's geographical constellation as an archipelagic country provides strategic advantages for the nation and state. However, behind the many opportunities contained, it also poses many threats, both in terms of politics and economics including defense and security. Prof. Hasyim Djalal, an expert on international marine law said that "a maritime country is a country that is able to use and maintain its sea". This means that the concept of a maritime state is not limited to maximizing all the potential of the sea but also concerns aspects of security and defense and the ability to control the sea and project power through the sea in order to maintain the stability and integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. In fact, Indonesian maritime security is inseparable from the national interest it aims at, namely the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia, ensuring continued national development to realize an Indonesian society that is Unity in Diversity, prosperous, just and prosperous, and contributing to world peace and regional stability.

In maintaining maritime security and defense not only strengthening of the legal system and law enforcement, but also the need to reorganize maritime security arrangements to be more efficient and strengthen the ability and position of the TNI-Al which has diplomatic, police and military functions. Because the interests of securing economic activity and sovereignty in the vast sea of ​​Indonesian jurisdictions require a system that is professional, effective and efficient.

Besides that, it also builds a maritime culture by making the Sea an extraordinary asset especially for Indonesia. Indonesia must be able to live from the sea, be friendly with the sea, and have glory in the sea. Indonesia must be aware that the sea is a unitary region, a source of life, the main media of transportation, a vehicle to seize political influence and the main area of defense. Because the sea covers a variety of things that lead Indonesia to the welfare of its people.

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